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Course Update

Topic: Course News

Greetings from the course team.

What an amazing spell of fine weather we are enjoying, we hope you are all enjoying it too. The course maintenance team including myself have been out playing a little more golf recently behind the field and enjoying the conditions. I sure you will all agree that it is great to be getting some nice ‘run’ on the fairways again.


The course recovered nicely from coring, all the surfaces really enjoyed the aeration and decompaction that comes along with this vital cultural practice. However, we are still noticing a seemingly endless amount of unrepaired pitch marks and we would really appreciate your help repairing them. A good rule of thumb is to repair your own pitch mark and one other on each green for us to be able to provide a more pleasant putting experience. This link, will help explain the correct technique to use when repairing a pitch mark.

You will probably have noticed a few holes being dug here and there around the course. We are doing this to repair some little issues we are having with the irrigation system and hopefully we will have these all fixed and repaired within the next week. All indications are that it could be a dry and warmer than normal summer which is what we are preparing for. Good news for all our golfers and for the golf course!

In closing we would like to ask for your help on the golf course. Obviously, we would all like to enjoy a fun day out on the golf course, whether it be playing a round or for the maintenance team who are working to present the course in the best possible condition. The last thing we would like to see is anyone getting hurt unnecessarily while playing or working. We ask that while a staff member is on a machine or a machine is in operation, please do not approach within at least 5 meters of the machine (20 meters with the spray rig) without the operator letting you know that he sees you and it is safe to approach. Golf course maintenance machinery is quite dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible. We also ask that you avoid hitting if a staff member is in your line of play and has not ‘called you up’. Let’s enjoy our day out there while looking after each other. Here is another helpful video by the USGA:

We hope to see you all soon again and are looking forward to a wonderful summer of golf!

Kind Regards

Spencer and your friendly ‘greenies’