From Tuesday October 29th to Sunday November 3rd we are hosting the NZ Amateur Championships - for men & women.  As a result there are some times when the driving range will not be available.
Monday October 28th - Labour Day - range open all day to everyone.
Tuesday October 29th  - Closed until 11am (weekly mowing of the fairway).  From 11am only half of the range will be available to members.
Wednesday October 30th & Thursday October 31st
7am to 9.45am - range closed
9.45am - 11.30am - range open to all
11.30am - 2.15pm - range closed
2.15pm - onwards - range open to all. 
Friday November 1st
7am to 9.45am - range closed.
9.45am onwards - range open to all.
Saturday November 2nd
7am to 8.15am - range closed.
From 8.15am - range open to all
Sunday November 3rd
Open to all.