The first match play round was played on Saturday afternoon.  While the course needed the rain it resulted in a 30mins delay as the greens flooded during the downpour.  There are still 2 matches to play in the Open Grade but the early winners were James Kim, Logan Driver, Robby Turnbull, Tomas Shaw, Matthew Cormack & James Eng.  Two of our juniors did incredibly well against more experienced opponents - Finlay McKechnie took James Eng to 20 holes before losing; while Eamon Wairepo was only beaten 2/1 by Tomas Shaw.
In the Intermediates the winners were Nick Lovegrove, Peter McCormack, Dean Palmer, Chris Hanley, Kailesh Patel, Bruce Walkley, Cameron Pocock and Oliver Foote.  The Junior Grade winners were Glen Larsen, Alex Ivanov, Tada Wada, Mike Hearn, Mark Morphy, Simon Wall, Bruce Renshaw, & Murray Hieatt.
In the C Grade the matches are - Peter Kusabs vs Ron Lunken; Keith Aitchison vs John Tutt; Christie Xavier vs Stephen Bryers; Paul Hurtley vs Brett Morpeth.  The D Grade ones are Dennis Swan vs Bob Jones; Len Baker vs Andy Horsfall; Fergie Sumich vs Colin Smith; and Robin Bone vs George York.