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19th Hole Heat & eat Solutions

Topic: General

Introducing RCG heat and eat meal solutions. Ready-made meals that only need to be reheated. Available form Wednesday the 7 of June we will offer a daily changing meal Monday to Friday. Just pop into the 19th Café and the meals will be ready from 10.30am for pick up.

The cost of the meals are $16.00 and the first two weeks we have an introductory price of $14.00 per meal.

Also available is our Soup of the day at $6.50.

All meals have a shelf life of 5 days and can be frozen.

Wednesday, 7 June:· Slow braised lamb leg with red wine and herbs, mashed potatoes, winter vegetables- Gluten free $14.00

Thursday, 8 June: · Free Range lemon roasted chicken breast, mushroom risotto, steamed bok choy- gluten free $14.00

Friday, 9 June: · Fish cakes with smoked salmon, steamed vegetables, caper parsley sauce – Gluten Free $14.00

Monday, 12 June:· Pan fried chicken pieces in a creamy tomato sauce, pasta $14.00

Tuesday, 13 June:· Pan fried sirloin strips, creamy mushroom sauce, pea rice, Gluten free $14.00

Wednesday 14 June: · Pan fried market fish, herb risotto, baby spinach, garlic aioli – Gluten Free $14.00

Thursday, 15 June:· Grilled pork loin wrapped with bacon, onion jus, roasted vegetables – Gluten free $14.00

Friday, 16 June: · Fragrant Lamb Tagine, vegetables and date cous cous $14.00