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9 Hole Ladies Update

Topic: General

9 hole Women - Update 18 July, 2017

Ambrose Net Competition results

Congratulations to the following women who won the Ambrose competition held on Weds 5 July.

Front 9 - Nicola Waterworth, Jane Beveridge, Susan Olliff (Gross 48, Net 24.33), $12 each

Back 9 - Sue McInness, Jo Hollies, Yolanda Van de Wetering, Jenny Bradley (Gross 47, Net 26), $7 each

Your prize money has been credited to your account.

We had extremely positive feedback about the format of this competition, particularly during the winter months when playing golf without having to submit an individual card can be regarded quite positively! For this reason we have decided to run the next two monthly scrambles in the Ambrose format again. The dates of these will be Weds 2 August and 6 September.

As with the last competition we will indicate on the online booking sheet which tee times are reserved for Ambrose. Just sign up in one of these slots if you wish to play in the Ambrose competition. There is a $2 entry per person which can be paid in cash or deducted from your account. Details of how to play the format will be handed out for those unfamiliar with it.

Top Cat dates

A reminder of the remaining dates for the Top Cat competition -

23 August

13 September

8 November