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RGC Heat & Eat Solutions

Topic: General

Monday, 7 August:

· Lime marinated boneless chicken thigh, pea risotto, corn salsa, Italian pesto roasted vegetables ,Gluten free

Tuesday, 8 August:

· Slow braised lamb pieces with tomato, olives, vegetables and red wine, gratin potatoes, Gluten free

Wednesday, 9 August:

· Prawn risotto with preserved lemon, grilled market fish, garlic butter courgette, Gluten free

Thursday, 10 August:

· Sweet and sour pork, steamed Jasmine rice, Gluten free

Friday,11 August:

· Braised beef cheek with vegetables, herbs, rich red wine sauce, homemade Austrian spaetzle noodles

Monday, 14 August:

· Crumbed chicken schnitzel, parsley potatoes, seasonal vegetables, cranberry sauce

Tuesday, 15 August:

· Grilled market fish, stir fried vegetables, lemon cous cous, mild chilli aioli

Wednesday, 16 August:

· Slow roasted pork belly, roasted vegetables and kumara, apple gravy– Gluten free

Thursday, 17 August:

· Beef and cheese rissoles, creamy mash potatoes, mushroom sauce, bacon beans

Friday, 18 August:

· Fish and potato cakes, caper parsley sauce – Gluten Free