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Women's Weekly Results

Topic: Womens Golf
Weekly Results Update; 
3rd August Scramble;
Gail MacKenzie 41pts, Judy Kwok 40pts, Susie Simcock 39pts
Looks to be a pretty tough field today.
Two's to Pam Donnelly (17th) and doubling up in the winnings Gail MacKenzie on both 3 & 17.
 8th August Bisque Par;
 Silver - Pru Robertson +3, Julie Hawkes +1, Kath Howe A/S
Bronze 1 - Helen Brewster +4, Annie Tam +3, Mitsuko Wada +1
Bronze 2 - Maureen Horner +6 OCB, Bronwyn Holdsworth +6  Janice McKinley +5,OCB
Only the 3 Two's awarded today - Sandra Condon (8), Kath Howe (8) & Annie Stevenson (8)