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Booth Cup Rd#3 & Update

Topic: Mens Golf
Round 3 of the Booth Cup was finally played on Saturday in very wet and windy conditions. Congratulations to Cameron MacKenzie (Gross Qualifier) and Geoff Hamilton and Bruce Walkley (Net Qualifiers).  The final round of qualifying is scheduled for Saturday November 11th, with the 36-hole final played on the following Saturday, November 18th.  For a qualifier to play in the final he must have played at least 3 of the qualifying rounds.
The current list of qualifiers is:
Round 1 Gross - Matthew Cormack, Reserve Rakesh Patel
Round 2 Gross - Thai Leng, Reserve Karl Jorgensen
Round 3 Gross - Cameron MacKenzie (needs to play in Round 4 to qualify), Reserve Karl Jorgensen
Round 1 Net - Eoin Pope and Mike Hearn.  Wayne Hirt has only played in one round, so Mike Hearn takes his place in the Final.  The reserves are now Peter Davies and Christie Xavier, who both need to play in Round 4 to complete qualification.
Round 2 Net - Rob Eng and Cameron Turner.  Cameron needs to play in Round 4 to be eligible for the final.  The Reserves are now Dan Kearney and Peter McCormack.  The original reserves - David Burns and Jits Doolabh cannot now qualify.  Peter McCormack needs to complete Round 4 to be eligible.
Round 3 Net - Geoff Hamilton and Bruce Walkley.  Bruce also needs to complete Round 4 to be eligible.  The Reserves are Brian Roe and Keith Aitchison.