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Course Update 15 August 2017

Topic: Course News

Spring is coming! Although the weather has still been a bit miserable and wet, one can most certainly feel a bit of a change in the air. Daffodils and ducklings are emerging everywhere, the mornings are getting lighter and it is not quite as nippy either.

As you can see, there is a thank you note from 3 Bees Honey for your support over the last year. The bees are doing very well and are thriving on the golf course, which is a great indicator for us looking after the golf course. With Spring on the way I have noticed that the Bees are hard at work and we can look forward to some more honey again this summer. Thank you for your wonderful support of this very unique and important environmental initiative.

As I am sure you know by now, we have decided to postpone the planned construction of Hole 11 and 15. Considering the tough winter that we have had, it is the best decision and we will shift our focus this coming summer to installing far more drainage, more concrete paths and fixing some of the worst bunkers by installing Bunker Matrix. Very exciting times ahead and we are really looking forward to this summer.

But before we get to summer though, we will have to carry out our normal spring coring/renovations of the Greens, Tees and Green Surrounds. This will take place on the week of 18 – 22 September 2017 and considering the excessively wet winter we have had we will need to perform a fairly large coring (using 5/8” hollow tines) on all of these areas. I am sure you are probably wondering why we need to do this given that many planned rounds of golf have already been lost due to the poor weather. I have briefly explained why coring and aeration is so vital to a golf course in course updates last year. This time though I would like to ask you to a few minutes to watch this video from the USGA which explains it perfectly:

We would to congratulate Callum Cameron, Turftech for his hard work and the great achievement of being the runner up Trainee of the Year as recognised by the Auckland Golf Course Superintendents Association. Callum is also looking forward to taking on his newly appointed role as Assistant Superintendent from 1st October when he transfers to an RGC employee. Congrats Callum and keep up the great work!

Callum Cameron

In closing, we ask that all golfers please continue to help us look after the course by fixing pitch marks, divots and raking bunkers after play. Unrepaired/poorly repaired pitch marks are still a massive problem for us on the greens and we need everyone’s help to make sure the playing surfaces are taken care of as best possible.

Early morning on 16th Fairway

Kind Regards

Spencer and the course maintenance team