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Youth Pennants Final Results

Topic: Juniors

The last 2 rounds of Youth Pennants were played on August 27th and September 3rd at Remuera.  On August 27th Remuera 3 were well beaten by Royal Auckland 0-4.  Mary Chen had the closest match going down to Jackson Kane on the final hole.  A complete reverse of this result for Remuera 1 who beat Whitford Park 4-0.  Excellent results from all 4 players - Hugh Lee 1up, Daniel Freeman 3/2, Josh Brazendale 2/1 and Connor Barker 3/2.  Remuera 2 had a bye.

On Sunday the final round was played with the title already in Royal Auckland's hands.  Remuera 2 lost 1.5-2.5 to Royal Auckland - Hugh Lee finished his match all square, while Daniel Freeman won his match 2/1.  Meanwhile Remuera 1 all had walkover wins over Howick who couldn't field a team.
The final points were;
Royal Auckland    18
Remuera 1          15
Remuera 2           13
Pakuranga           12
Remuera 3            9
Whitford Park        9
Howick                 7
The Remuera teams were 'evenly' split to provide good matches for our players so to finish 2nd & 3rd is a very good result.  Some of our players have gained invaluable experience and will certainly go on to play Senior Pennants in the coming years - Jaime & Jose Lansi, Daniel Freeman, Hugh Lee and Mary Chen.