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Course Update

Topic: Course News

Course Update 3 October 2017

With the Equinox behind us now the daylight hours are rapidly getting longer now which is a big help. Even though the weather is still very changeable, ground conditions are slowly improving despite the continued rainfall. This is due to the windier weather and longer daylight hours which all help to increase the Evapotranspiration rate. A quick update on the rainfall tally so far has us at 1440mm which is still considerably higher than the historic average of exactly 1000mm that we normally get for the year up to the end of September and well past the 1269mm that on average we normally get for an entire year.

This month also brings many exciting developments with the course maintenance. As you may know by now we decided some time back to bring the course maintenance team back into Remuera Golf Club as a full-fledged part of the club team. As you can see the lads are proudly sporting new uniforms and we are actively working to develop an exciting new team and club culture. We have a number of initiatives already underway to develop each individual team member to their fullest potential with the goal of continually growing skills and enjoyment levels. With this in place we hope to deliver the best possible product out on the golf course with courtesy and a smile! It is important to recognize the wonderful job that Turftech has done for us over the past years in supplying the club with our course team. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Turftech for all their help in this regard. We still have a close relationship with Turftech and we will continue to make use of Turftech for their excellent services such as coring, drainage works, irrigation works and numerous other specialist projects and jobs that they do so well.

From left: Gary Chalmers(Workshop Manager), Joseph Sullivan(General Worker), Nick Hanna(General Worker/Trainee), Tomas Shaw(Trainee Irrigation Technician), Jacob Devereaux(General Worker/Trainee), Spencer Cooper(Superintendent), Joseph Jones(General Worker), Callum Cameron(Assistant Superintendent), Josh Presland(Spray Technician/Team Leader), Fredrick Choi(General Worker)

Out on the course this week we will be mowing as much as possible, edging paths and sprinklers etc. We are also planning to fertilize the Tees, Green Surrounds and Approaches and are hoping that the wind will die down enough for us to do this. We will also begin the process of repairing any damage done to the fairways etc. due to the wet and muddy conditions from winter. The focus of all this work is to present the course in the best possible condition and prepare the turf for the summer ahead.


Spencer and course team.