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Golf Bookings & Cancellations

Topic: General
As we head into the warmer weather there will be more pressure on tee times and bookings.  It is an appropriate time to reinforce a few important points concerning bookings, playing and cancellations.
  1. Please check in at the Golf Shop and print a card each time you play, whether you play 9 or 18 holes.  If you don't print a card we don't know that you are on the course if someone needs to contact you, or there is an emergency.

  2. Enter your scores at the end of the round.  If you play 7 holes you should enter a 9-hole score; if you play more than 12 holes, you should enter an 18-hole card.  For any unfinished holes you should enter a "net par" score. 

  3. Pace of Play - please keep up with the group in front of you.  On busy days our Course Marshall will be on the course to assist with pace of play.

  4. If you are unable to play please cancel your booking as early as possible so that it frees up the time for another member who may want to play.  We will be monitoring "no shows" over the coming weeks as the Board is looking at penalties for persistent no-shows and late cancellations.

  5. Our electric golf carts are now stored in the Greenkeepers' compound so please book a cart at least a day ahead (when conditions allow them on the course).  This will ensure that we have a cart ready for you when you check in.  Carts can be booked on-line at the time you book your tee time or as amendment to your booking.  Please observe the conditions of use - keep 10 metres away from greens and tees; keep off the steep banks and areas of the course that are spongy or wet.  Failure to observe these rules will result in cart privileges being denied.