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Club Champs + Updates

Topic: Womens Golf
Club Champs matches are well underway ...
Finalists for the Senior Club Champs are: Kathy Gould vs Megan King
Finalists for the Intermediate Club championships are: Amanda Hanna vs Pam Donnelly
Semi-finalists for the Junior Club championships are: Vicki MacMillan Vs Tina Chai
                                                                             Maureen Horner Vs Jane Lewis 
The Finals will take place on Thursday (36 holes for Senior & Intermediate) and 18 Holes for Junior. 
Just a reminder that the Club Champs Dinner commences at 6:30pm. Your first drink is on Janice McKinley, who is celebrating the hole-in-one she scored last week.
Results of Thursday (5 October) Scramble:-
1st = Merilyn Kavvas (40 points) - $11
2nd = Kathy Gould ($8)
There were two 2's - Janice McKinley (she has had a 2 or 1 on the 8th on her last three games!) and Kathy Gould - $19 ea.
Reminder:  Next week is LGU and you need to register online; Draw will be done on Thursday morning.  The following Tuesday (24th October, following on from Labour Weekend) is a "Four Clubs Day", ie a fun format where cards will not count for handicapping.  Book yourself directly on to DotGolf.