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Winners of Club Champs

Topic: Womens Golf
The Club Championships for 2017 were completed last Thursday, and miraculously as it may seem,  most matches were played without rain.  Numbers were slightly down on last year, but this did not stop the fierce competition within each section.
Results for 2017  Club Championships:-
SENIOR WINNER = Kathy Gould  (R/U Megan King)
INTERMEDIATE WINNER: Pam Donnelly (R/U Amanda Hanna)
JUNIOR WINNER:  Jane Lewis  (R/U Tina Chai)

INTERMEDIATE FLIGHT WINNER:  Joan Reeves (R/U Juliet Johnson)
JUNIOR FLIGHT WINNER: Carol White  (R/U Annie Stevenson)
9-HOLE CHAMPION:  Sarah Fyfe  (R/U Shirley Morrison)
CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and to everyone who participated in the Club Championships - without your participation, this event could never go ahead.   The Club Champs Dinner turned out to be a great event, with rave reviews about the quality of the food (women are regarded as the harshest critics, so this was a compliment well received by the Chef!).
Results of Thursday Scramble (12 October) 
1st = Rosa Leung - 38 Points OCB ($12)
2nd = Susie Simcock - 38 Points ($10)
3rd = Linley Downey - 37 Points ($6)
There was one '2' - Diane Brown ($28)
Results of LGU (9), played on Tuesday, 17 October:- 
1st - Julie Hawkes, nett 65 
2nd - Esther Cowper, nett 72
3rd - Kath Howe, nett 73
1st - Jaine Were, nett 68
2nd - Pat Sage, nett 70
3rd - Maureen Horner, nett 73 
1st - Merilyn Kavvas, nett 69
2nd - Takayo Yanagisawa, nett 70
3rd - Jane Lewis - nett 71 (OCB)
There was one '2' - Villia Cheng ($37)
Putting Results will be on NoticeBoard. 
NOTE: The above winners' results stand as overall winners when Weekend results are included. 
Upcoming Events:-
Tuesday 24 Oct (after Labour Weekend) - 4 Clubs Day 
Monday, 30 October - Vet Club Champs (1) 
Tuesday, 31 October - Top Cat (Enter directly online, but ensure your partner is available)
Thursday, 2 November - INVITATION DAY 
NOTE:  Invitation Day will cost $30 per Pair - book and pay with Karen.  This is a chance to invite a friend (or group of friends) from another Club to play at Remuera for a minimal fee and be in with a chance to win a prize.  Weekend Ladies - a chance for you to join in midweek and bring a friend.  Shot-gun start at 8:15am.  BOOK ASAP !!