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Topic: Womens Golf
You've no doubt heard the old adage ' 'what a difference a day makes' ... well, how about 'what a difference a week makes' in terms of a Course that is drying out and getting run?  In last week's Scramble, playing to your handicap would have placed you 17th.   Can you believe it - scoring 36 points and coming 17th??
Results from 19 October:-
1st = Vicki MacMillan (44 Points) - $18
2nd = Diane  Bailey   (43 Points OCB) - $14
3rd = Shirley Ip        (43 Points)  -  $10
There were two 2s - Sandra Cant and Anne Lash - $21 each.
Results from '4 Clubs Day', played on Tuesday, 24 October:-
1st = Annie Tam  (39 Points) OCB
2nd = Carol White (39 Points)
3rd = Jenny Johnson  -  38 Points (OCB)
It's interesting that with only four clubs (including a putter),  nine ladies played to their handicap or better! 
Upcoming events:-
Thursday, 26th - Scramble (book yourself a tee-time online)
Tuesday, 31st October - TopCat - last round for the year.  Again, book you and your partner a tee-time online (make sure your partner is available first!)
Thursday, 2nd November  -  INVITATION DAY
This is an annual event and a chance to bring a friend from another Club - cost is $30 per pair, which includes 2s. Be in with a chance to take home a prize!  Your entries are needed ASAP - we need a certain number to justify a shot-gun start, so see Karen with your entry fee.