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Course Update

Topic: Course News

Course Update 23 January 2018

We hope you are well and have been enjoying the great summer weather.

Drainage Works

With the start of the new year we have commenced drainage works on the front 9 holes of the golf course. As the board has communicated, the plan is to address and improve the drainage on the front 9 so that we would have improved playing conditions for this coming winter.

The first step being to install piped drainage to priority areas of the front nine that has no drainage. Turftech commenced works on 8 January starting with 1st fairway and some rough areas. From the 1st hole we will move to 4th hole, and then to 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th holes.

When works move to 4th hole, the 4th Tee will be moved up to the 180m mark for the hole to play as a par 3. We have had this temporary hole rated for handicapping purposes. In addition, we will play holes 7A and 7B to make up the full 18 holes.

We will continue to update you on our progress and of any changes to the course. Hopefully the weather will play along and we can make good progress.


Other Works

Other works around the course lately have involved putting more sand in bunkers which are in need and this has been done. We regularly check the depth of sand in the bunkers and make changes that might be necessary.

We have also renovated and seeded our Turf Nurseries. The nursery at the range is now a Creeping Bent Grass (Greens) nursery and the one left of hole 5 has been seeded with Rye and Fescue which will be our Tees, Surrounds and Fairway Nursery. Both germinated 4 days after seeding and are growing very well so far.

And on a final and fun note (depending on who you ask), we had our annual Green Keepers Revenge this past Sunday which was an absolute blast! Our course maintenance team came up with a whole golf course full of great and evil ideas to ‘trick up’ the golf course. We were thrilled to have an absolutely full field for the day there seems to have been much fun had as we heard loads of cheering from all over the course. Congrats to all the winners and thank you so much for your wonderful support. There are photos of the holes on our Facebook page. It just goes to show what a great club and team we have!

Warm Regards,

Spencer and the evil Green Keeping team.