Good Afternoon Everyone,
As the Qualifying Round for the Foursomes Championships was cancelled this morning due to the high winds, the Women's Committee this afternoon took the decision to move straight to the Match Play rounds starting next Tuesday.
There was little other option due to the Foursomes being followed by the Match Play Championships and then the Presidents Cup in the calendar.
There were 24 teams entered and a draw was conducted to determine the 8 teams that would receive a bye in the first round.  The remaining teams were then drawn by lot to determine the match-ups for the first round.
The teams receiving a bye in this round are:
Pru Robertson & Helen Brewster
Helen Peters & Janice McKinley
Anne Lash & Lynley Downey
Gil Sinclair & Mary Pope
Jenny Johnson & Heather Gordon
Pat Sage & Jan Bilger
Vivian Zhu & Amy Liang
and finally Judy Skyrme & Sue Spencer.
There are spots available on the tee sheet for next Tuesday and you should book as normal if you want to play and haven't already booked.
The first round matches are:
Tina Chai & Villia Cheng vs Annie Tam & Jill Bartlett
Shizue Beniya & Juliet Johnson vs Elaine Lau & Rosa Leung
Annie Stevenson & Margaret Ward-Holmes vs Pam Donnelly & Joan Reeves
Cilla Tsui & Yun In Park vs Daphne McKenzie & Judy Purchase
Diane Rackham & Tina Lucas vs Kath Howe & Kris Taylor
Gillian Ge & Shirley Ip vs Jane Lewis & Kirsty Fyfe
Mihwa Lee & Sun Park vs Judy Kwok & Mitsuko Wada
Karen Tapper & Gail MacKenzie vs Nicola Judd & Wendy Williams.
These matches have been placed in the start sheet - beginning at 7.57am, all from the 1st tee.
Kind Regards,
John Sims