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Topic: Womens Golf

What a wonderful turnout for Opening Day last Thursday – there were 118 ladies in the field, including a number of 9-holers and Vets.  Let’s keep up the enthusiasm and play as much golf as possible throughout the year!

A few updates:-

1)     1)   The LGU scheduled today has been postponed  to next week, ie the LGU will replace the Stableford competition in your Programme Book.  If you haven’t already registered online, please do so before Thursday when the Draw will be done.

Another Change to your Programme Book:-

On Tuesday 22 May; LGU (5) + Putting.  On Tuesday, 29 May; Top Cat (3) will be played.

2)      2)  The Bronze 3 Division will be reinstated this year.  Please note that the following are the handicap ranges within each division for 2018:-

Silver       =           0 – 18.4

Bronze 1 =           18.5 – 23.9

Bronze 2 =           24.0 – 29.9

Bronze 3 =           30.0 +

3)     3)   It is very pleasing to advise that St Andrews are once again sponsoring the Eclectic Competition.  There is a $5 entry fee for this competition, which runs throughout the year on Tuesdays.  Just to clarify; Eclectic is run in two divisions – Gross + Net and the final result is your best score on each hole on the eligible days.  Last year the first 15 place-getters in each category collected money (which is put on to your RGC Card). It is hoped the competition will start next Tuesday, but is subject to the full 18-holes being available.  Certainly suggest you bring your $5 next Tuesday!  Weekend Women will play their competitions on Saturday and 9-Holers on Monday.

4)      4)  TopCat; if you do not have a partner, there is a List in the Locker Room and hopefully a partner can be found.  Entries for TopCat will be online, ie enter you and your partner directly into DotGolf up to a week before the competition.  If you do not wish to play in TopCat, please enter your name from 9am onwards.

5)      5)  The Masters Matchplay Entry Sheet is in the Locker Room; please add your name ASAP so the Draw can be done.

6)      6)  The Pennant season is underway, with our Betty Faesen Team being the first team to play.  Unfortunately the rain on Sunday turned the event into a practice round when conditions became impossible and play was abandoned.

7)      7)  New Convenors: 9-Hole is shared between Sarah Fyfe and Sabra Davies. Congratulations to Sarah on becoming a board member of Auckland Golf.

Weekend Convenors are Kira Schaffler and Jill Brown.

8)     8)   Could we please get some feedback on Elizabeth Arden products, especially Prevage factor 50.  This information will be forwarded on to Elizabeth Arden for their records.  Email your comments to Karen at

Latest Results:-


Winning Team (Front 9) = Caroline Henley, Ginny Gardner, Kathy Souness and Mary Harris

Winning Team (Back 9) = Pat Sage, Kris Taylor, Louise Doherty and Margaret Honeybone

Nearest the Pins; Susie Simcock, Joan reeves and Margaret Playle


Joint Winners = Sarah Jeffrey and Bronwyn Holdsworth with 152 points

Third place = Vivian Zhu with 151 points