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Men's Pennants - Sunday February 18th

Topic: Mens Golf
After a false start on February 11th when the heavens opened (no pun intended Brad), the 2018 Pennant season got under way on February 18th.  It was a great start to the year with 4 wins out of 5 teams, and 1 very close loss.
The Bissett team managed by Adam Baker started with a perfect 8-0 win over Whitford Park at Maungakiekie.  The team (in playing order) & results was Connor Barker (3/2), Rakesh Patel (8/7), Matt Cormack (6/5), Brad Heaven (5/4), Cameron Harlock (7/6), James Eng (5/4), Thai Leng (2up) and Scott Robertson (5/4).  Special mentions to Brad in his first competitive game in many years, and also Cameron who recently joined the club.  Great work guys!
Akarana top the table on 9.5pts but have played 2 games as they finished before the deluge last week.  Remuera sits 2nd on 8pts.
John Sims is looking after this team and we look much stronger than last year already, showing the depth of talent at the club.  Playing Windross Farm's top team we ground out a tough 4.5-3.5 win.  The results were: Andrew Meng (W1up), Mathew Weir (W6/5), Andrew Hipkiss (W3/2), Karl Jorgensen (L2down), Elisha Kim (L6/5), Chris Goad (W4/2), Logan Driver (L2/1) and Larenzo Aguilar (Half).  Pakuranga lead the table on 6.5, Akarana 5, Remuera & Titirangi 4.5.
Under Mike Maingay the Captains team started at Maramarua against the home team - a tough start but after some great play they recorded an excellent 6-2 win.  Results: Chris Blair (L3/2), Alex Bagley (W2/1), Mike Tran (W1up), Robby Turnbull (L1down), Nigel Smith (W2/1), Daniel Freeman (W3/2), Mike Maingay (W2/1) and Andrew Millard (5/3).  This team is a great mix of youth & experience.  It will be exciting to see their development over the season.  They are 2nd just behind Titirangi (6.5pts).
These 3 teams play at Remuera on Sunday March 4th in their next matches.
Our Inter Club teams play on handicap.  This team is managed by Grant Nicholas & Andrew Lemalu.  The played Maungakiekie at Pukekohe and were conceding shots to most of their players.  A 5-3 win is a great start - results as follows:
Stephen Callinan (W2/1), Andrew Lemalu (L4/3), Andrew Williams (W3/2), Kevin Fairbrother (W2up), Dave Dengelo (L3/2), Alex McKay (W2/1), Paul Creighton (W1up) and Michael Collins (L3/2).  Paul Creighton's comeback from 3down after 9 holes was the decisive 5th pt.  They are 3rd after the initial round.
This team has a new manager, Igor Ivanov and their first game was vs Waiuku at Akarana.  The results were:
Craig Castles (L6/5), Dave Pedersen (W1up), Darren Soo )(L5/4), Angus Mackie (W4/3), Mark Morphy (L1down), Alex Ivanov (Half), Igor Ivanov (W4/3), and Andy Kelly (L5/4) - overall a 3.4-4.5 loss.  It seemed that the Waiuku were all in good form to start the season, but there is a long way to go.