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Women's Golf Update

Topic: Course News

Fog disrupted last week’s Scramble, and as you will read from Spencer Cooper’s explanation, there are extremely valid reasons why play was suspended. Your understanding in these circumstances is appreciated.

Gerald Nathan is running some short game clinics leading into spring – a chance to be ready and in great playing form for when the season gets ‘serious’ !

Putting Clinic Monday 13th August 12:45 to 2pm
Putting Clinic
Wednesday 15th August 9:45 to 11am

Chipping Clinic
Monday 20th August 12:45 to 2pm
Chipping Clinic
Wednesday 22nd August 9:45 to 11am

Pitching Clinic
Monday 27th August 12:45 to 2pm
Pitching Clinic
Wednesday 29th August 9:45 to 11am

Bunker Clinic
Monday 3rd September 12:45 to 2pm
Bunker Clinic
Wednesday 5th September 9:45 to 11am

The clinics are for 1hr 15 mins duration and cost $39 per session. Bookings should be made direct with Gerald – either email or call his mobile

The Autumn Handicap matches have all been completed, and results are as follows:-

Division I Winners = Esther Cowper + Pam Donnelly

Division I Runners-up = Pru Robertson + Pat Sage

Division II Winners = Judy Skyrme + Annie Stevenson

Division II Runners-up = Villia Cheng + Margaret Hancox

Division I Plate Winners = Susie Simcock + Joyce Tuivakano

Results of today’s ‘Dots & Putts’ competition:-

1st = Margaret Ward-Holmes, Nicola Judd and Kath Howe – all with a very good score of 18.


A “Pennant Meeting is to be held on Thursday 16th August (straight after golf – around 1pm). Can all those who have played Pennants or who are thinking of playing, please attend this get-together.

There is a ‘Registration Form’ in the Locker Room for those who are considering being part of a team next year – add your name to the list! No obligation.

There have been several matches played recently that have held up the field, and when approached by the Course Marshall, he has been told ‘but we are playing a match’. Please note that playing a match does NOT entitle you to fall behind the pace of play. If you want to ‘go slow’, please book at the END of the field.

Next Tuesday will be Greensome Foursomes – get a partner organised and book yourselves in directly on to the DotGolf website. You score will not count for handicapping.

And on Thursday, Teams Day #2 will be played … a chance to knock the current title holders (Gail Mackenzie, Sophie Feng, Helen Peters and Esther Cowper) off their perch. With Tuesday’s Greensome Foursomes cards not counting for handicap, Teams Day cards will count for handicapping (it will be a variation of stableford).