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Course Update

Topic: Course News

Greeting from the course team!

We hope you have been enjoying the good weather of late and it’s nice to see the course drying out and the golf ball running down the fairways. We were especially pleased to be able to get hole 13 back to full length.

Preparations are under way for coring next week and we have planned to only perform a relatively minor core (6mm) to the greens this time around so we should have a speedy recovery. The drier ground conditions are allowing us to do a few more job around the course, especially tree work and some tree trimming. Please open this video link below should you want to know more about what we are doing and why:

The rough mowing has gone well with only a few places still a little soft. Despite this we are mowing it all and repairing as many wheel marks as possible as we go.

Otherwise, we are looking forward to this being a really pleasant spring as the long range forecasts as predicting lower than average rainfall. This is great news to golfers and green keepers alike! We are planning to have a little ‘working bee’ on Friday 28 September to do some planting and work in the gardens. We would love to invite you to join us if you are interested and any enquiries can be made to

Finally, with the course drying out so nicely we are able to start allowing golf carts back out onto the course for your enjoyment. While golf carts greatly add to the enjoyment of a round of golf and can speed up play, they are vehicles that and have a different set of rules relating to health and safety and golf course care. Please take care when making use of a golf cart, not only to make sure that you and those around you are safe but also for the protection of the turf from wear. Here is another quick video which is well worth watching should you make use of a golf cart:

Kind Regards

Spencer and your friendly ‘greenies’