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Changes to Men's Golf Calendar 2019

Topic: Mens Golf
The Match Committee has decided to make the following changes to the Men's Competition Calendar for 2019.
Summer Cup will no longer be a Match Play event but rather a Stableford (Stroke Play event).  There will be 5 playing Saturdays from the beginning of January to the Saturday before Opening Day. Each Saturday will be a round of the Summer Cup – a stableford event, with a player’s 3 best stableford scores counting for the Summer Cup. If a count-back is required it will be on holes 10-18 of a player’s final counting round; if further count-back is required it will be holes 1-18 of a player’s final counting round. This count-back will continue to the 2nd counting round if required in the same way.
Booth Cup.  In the past for a player to be eligible for the Final they must complete 3 of the 4 qualifying rounds.  In 2019 the requirement will only be 2 of the qualifying rounds.  All other conditions of the Booth Cup remain the same.
General Manager's Prize.  This event will no longer be a "plate" competition for the non-qualifiers in the Captains Prize.  In 2019 it will be held on the final Saturday of the playing year in conjunction with our Awards Prize Giving.  Any competition winner from 2019 will be eligible to play in the General Manager's Prize - effectively a Champions tournament.
Stroke Play Championships.  This event will move to the beginning of November and be played over 2 weekends - Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th and Saturday 16th. 
Match Play Championships.  This event will be held in February and March.  The qualifying rounds (36 holes) will decide the top 16 qualifiers in each division.  The finals will be over 36 holes for Open & Intermediate divisions only; Junior, C and D Grade finals will be over 18 holes.