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Rules of Golf Update - WEEK 4 – PENALTY AREAS

Topic: Course News


This week we will revisit the penalty area and look at other changes that affect this area.

Penalty Areas

· Penalty areas expanded beyond water hazards: Red and yellow marked penalty areas may now cover areas the Committee decides to mark for this purpose (such as deserts, jungles, or lava rock fields), in addition to areas of water.

· Expanded use of red penalty areas: The Committee is given the discretion to mark all penalty areas as red so that lateral relief is always allowed (but they may still mark penalty areas as yellow where they consider it appropriate).

· Elimination of opposite side relief option: You are no longer allowed to take relief from a red penalty area on the opposite side from where the ball last entered the penalty area (unless the Committee adopts a local rule allowing it).

· Removal of all special restrictions on moving or touching things in a penalty area: There is no longer a penalty if you touch or move loose impediments (such as leaves, stones and sticks) or touch the ground or water with your hand or your club in a penalty area.

· Taking lateral relief:

· Ball moving in water: Rule expanded to include temporary water as well a water in a penalty area. A ball moving in water may be played without penalty.

Next week we will revisit the putting green and look at other changes that affect this area.