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Rules of Golf Update - WEEK 7 – PLAYER’S EQUIPMENT

Topic: General


This week we will look at rule changes related to the player’s equipment.

Damaged Clubs

· Use of damaged clubs: You may keep using any club that is damaged during the round, no matter how it happens (even if you damaged it in anger).

· Replacement of damaged clubs: You may not replace a damaged club if you were responsible for causing the damage.

Damaged Ball

· Substituting another ball for a cut or cracked ball: You may substitute another ball if your ball in play on a hole has become cut or cracked while playing that hole, but you are no longer allowed to change balls solely because the ball has become out of shape.

Distance-Measuring Devices

· DMDs allowed: You may use DMDs to measure distance, except when prohibited by a local rule (this reverses the default position in the current rules).

Alignment for a Stroke

· Alignment aid: You may not use a club or alignment rod to help line up for a stroke. The general penalty applies, even if the alignment aid is subsequently removed.

· Expanded restriction on caddie help with alignment: Your caddie is not allowed to stand on a line behind you from the time you begin taking your stance until you have made your stroke.

There is an exception to this on the putting green only. If the player backs away from their stance and does not begin to take their stance again until the caddie has moved from the extension of their line of play, there is no penalty.

Next week we will look at rule changes affecting movement of the ball.