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St Andrews Village Weekend Eclectic

Topic: Mens Golf
The St Andrews Village Men's Weekend Eclectic was finalised a week ago.  We thank the continued support from St Andrews for this very popular event throughout the year.  As in past years the prize list is 1 prize per member with the higher value counting.  We congratulate the winner for 2018:

Gross: Matthew Cormack (54), James Eng & Thai Leng (55), James Ashwin, Ian Braddock & Karl Jorgensen (57), James Kim & Michael Maingay (58), Alex Bagley & Cameron Turner (59), Darren Soo (60), Jason Mar (61), Greg Kenward (62), Andrew Wakefield (63), John Durkin, Paul Teamoke  & Peter McCormack (64).

Net: Nick Lovegrove (51.5), Jits Doolabh (52), Barry Hall & Adam Baker (53), Mark Carroll & Geoff Hamilton (54), Dylan Moore (55), Steve Eddy & David Williams (55.5), John Sims (56), Colin Smith, Stephen Bryers & Erik Jorgensen (56.5), Tada Wada & Colin McGowan (57.5), Iain Craig, Rollo Gillespie, Murray Hieatt, Wayne Hirt, Dan Kearney, Grant Marshall & Mark Morphy (58).