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Scottish Cup & Summer Cup Update

Topic: Mens Golf

It was a great day at the club on Saturday - our annual Scottish Cup and the 3rd round of the Summer Cup. Michel Tent pipped in the haggis accompanied by George York (carrying the haggis) and Ian Braddock (carefully carrying the whisky).

The Scottish Cup was won by Alex McKay (40pts) closely followed by Warwick Lewis (39) and Tada Wada (38).  Thanks again to Iain Craig who generously supports this event with a superb bottle of single malt whisky for the winner - Alex was particularly happy!

The Summer Cup has completed 3 of the 5 rounds with no change to the leadership. Christie Xavier by 1pt from Mike Hearn.
Christie Xavier 111pts
Mike Hearn 110pts
Barry Hall 107pts
Peter McCormack & James Kim 106pts

With 2 rounds to play - remember it's the best 3 from a maximum of 5 that count, it's still all to play for.