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18 Hole Women Weekly News - 29 January 2019

Topic: Womens Golf

Opening Day Competition (Tuesday 12 February)

Normally we would have our opening day on the first Tuesday in February, but with Waitangi Day falling where it is we are having our Opening Day competition and lunch a week later on Tuesday 12 February. This year we are playing 18 holes, with a shot gun start at 8:00 am. This will be followed by a plated lunch ($10.00 each, payable on the day) in the Tui Lounge.

The week prior our Women’s reserved tee-times on Tuesday and Thursday will be back in place. Tuesday 5 and Thursday 7 February will be both be optional stableford scrambles.

Master’s Trophy

This is a match play event for players aged 65 or older on 1 February 2019. There is no qualifying round, with the draw being done based on handicap. Players arrange their own matches. If you would like to participate, please add your name to the entry sheet in the Women’s Locker Room. Entries close 2:00 pm Thursday 14 February.


The LGU terms of competition (set by NZG) require players to play within their division, where possible, but there is no requirement to play in handicap order. 

So, this year you are going to be able to book your own tee-time. The tee-sheet will come out with divisions recorded in each timeslot, and you will be expected to book in the appropriate timeslot. If your division is full, then you may book in the next nearest division’s tee-slot off the same side. No doubt there will be a few teething problems!

Top Cat

It is time to start finding a partner for this popular competition. For those of you who are new, this is a four-ball stableford competition, where you play with a partner and the best stableford score on each hole counts. There are six rounds scheduled during the year, the first two rounds are on Tuesdays and the remaining four are on Thursdays.  You do not need to play all six rounds, but you will need to play four to compete.

If you would like to play but do not have a partner, there is an entry sheet in the Women’s Locker Room for you to add your name to. Please cross your name off once you have found a partner.

New Golf Rules

The DotGolf website has a series of short videos which explain the major changes in an easy to follow format. You can find this in the section “2019 Rules” under the “About the Game” tab.

Bronze Divisions (as previously reported)

The Bronze divisions for 2019 have been revised, so that we have more even numbers competing in each division. This year, Bronze 1 is 18.5 to 23.5, Bronze 2 is 23.6 to 27.9 and Bronze 3 is 28.0 to 40.4.

(For those of you who don’t know, it is the LGU rules set by NZG that require us to have three Bronze divisions with approximately equal numbers competing in each division.)

Stroke Holes

We have changed the stroke hole allocations to follow the system recommended by New Zealand Golf, and this came in to effect on 23 January.

This system recognizes the importance of stroke hole allocation for match play and ensures that strokes given/received are evenly spread over the 18 holes. This will result in some significant changes as the emphasis is no longer just on the relative difficulty of each hole. However, surprising as it may at first seem, you will find that these changes have virtually no influence on your overall stableford score and therefore handicap adjustment.

Upcoming Competitions Entry/Booking Summary

Tues 5 Feb


Book on DotGolf

Thurs 7 Feb

Scramble - stableford

Book on DotGolf

Tues 12 Feb

Open Day – 8:00 am shotgun start

Register to enter on Remuera website by 5 Feb. 

Thurs 14 Feb

Scramble - stableford

Book on DotGolf

Tues 19 Feb

LGU, Putting - net

Book on DotGolf in timeslot for your division

Thurs 21 Feb

Scramble - stableford

Book on DotGolf

Tues 26 Feb

Top Cat – pairs, four-ball

Book as a pair on DotGolf

Thurs 28 Feb