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9 Hole Women's Golf update

Topic: Womens Golf

OPENING DAY – Monday 11 February

We have had a great response to our Opening Day so this is an encouraging sign that it’s going to be a great year for our Nine Hole group.

Entries have now closed so hopefully all those who wish to enter for the Ambrose have done so. Everyone will be sent an email telling them what tee they will be starting from and the Dotgolf website will also show the foursome each player will be in. Note that players will be playing either the front or back nine (not a combination of both). This gets a bit complicated with the course maintenance closing the 13th. The front nine is now holes 1-8(includes 7A & 7B) so players starting on any of the front holes will go from the 8th to the 1st. The back nine is now holes 9-18 (without 13) Likewise, those on the back nine who get to the 18th hole mid-way through their round will then go back to the 9th hole to continue).

Just a reminder:

9.00am Shotgun start. Please endeavour to be at the club no later than 8.15am to give you time to print cards, find your foursomes and allow time to walk to your designated tee, wherever it may be. $2 entry payable on the day. After golf there will be a small prize presentation while we all enjoy a coffee and catch up. Please remember to bring loose change for a raffle to be held during this time.

For those members who are not familiar with the format for our Opening Day Ambrose competition the following will help explain how it is run.

Ambrose is played in teams of four. Each player tees off, then the team choose the best drive. The other players pick up their balls and all players hit from the position of the best drive. Again, the best shot is selected with all players hitting from there, continuing like this until the ball is holed out. Each team member must have 2 drives selected and one player has 3. Record the name of the driver on your card to keep track of this. Because it’s a shotgun start, allow plenty of time to get to your allocated starting tee so you are ready to tee off at 9.00am. Ambrose is fun for players of all levels!


This year Scramble dates are alternative Mondays and Wednesdays (unless there is a special event). Book as usual on Dotgolf and enter on the day with a $2 entry fee. When getting your card click the ‘Scramble’ option and pay with cash or ask to have the $2 deducted from your account.

Scramble dates for February and March as follows:

February: Wednesday 13th and 27th and Monday 18th March: Wednesday 13th and 27th and Monday 18th

This is a good chance to remind you, when playing in any competition:

- Count every shot, including airshots (Always. Not just on competition days).

- Player and marker should announce how many shots they have had when on the green BEFORE putting and ensure both agree.

- PLUS, of course, new course rules now to swap cards and no ‘gimmies’ on the green.


Monday 4th March – Top Cat Round 1 (Entry list going up on board Opening Day, along with a Partners Wanted list).

Monday 11th March – Greensome Foursomes (amended date).

Thursday 14th March – Cocktail Party 4.30 – 6.00pm (Details to follow so keep an eye on the Wrap).

Just a reminder that the Entry Sheet for Clarks Beach 9 Hole Women’s Open Day on 25 February is now up on the Notice Board. Although it’s a little out of town it’s a fun day out and a chance to see an area new to most of us.

Other Open Days coming up which you may like to consider attending are:

Maramarua (15 March), Pakuranga (21 March), Whitford Park (11 April).

We encourage you all to enter and participate in both our competitions and other clubs’ Open days. Regardless of handicap it’s a good chance to enjoy some fun and the company of fellow competitors.