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Junior Update

Topic: Juniors
The Junior Challenge Cup has re-started for 2019.  Daniel Mar won the net medal round to establish the first holder.  He then defeated Gary Yuan and Eamon Wairepo to retain the trophy and will be challenged by Karl Jorgensen this weekend.
Congratulations to the following players - Daniel Freeman (4th), Robby Turnbull (6th), Nathan Smith (7th), and Hugh Lee (9th) who all have qualified for the Match Play rounds of our Open Grade Club Championships!  When you factor in that Connor Barker (1st) and Cameron Harlock (3rd) are still technically juniors this is a fantastic performance by our juniors in this event.  In addition - Jaime Lansi, Karl Jorgensen and Finlay McKechnie just missed out!
All of these players are also playing Senior Men's Pennants as well.  A fantastic effort guys.
In the Women's Pennant teams we have Grace Jung, Kelly Wu, Sarah Murchison, mary Chen, Hannah Murchison, and Chloe Lam.  Aileen Du and Cherie Young are not far off playing at the moment and may get some game time before the end of the season.