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Match Play Championships Round of 16

Topic: Mens Golf
The Round of 16 was played on Saturday in overcast conditions and light rain.  In the Open Grade there are still 2 matches to be played this week but James Kim, Dell Bain, Daniel Freeman, Robby Turnbull and Nathan Smith are confirmed in the quarter finals.  It's great to see a number of our juniors making their mark in the event, and Hugh Lee narrowly lost to James Kim.  Well done, guys!
Somewhat unusually all of the top qualifiers have progressed so far - Peter McCormack, Bruce Renshaw, John Tutt and Mike Egan.  Connor Barker needs to beat Rakesh Patel this week to complete all the top qualifiers going through.  Although if he makes it through qualifying in Cromwell today he will be in the NZ Open  field and will have to give up his match to Rakesh.