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Men's Competition Update - March 10

Topic: Mens Golf
The Mid Week Captains Prize finalists will be found this week.  The semi-finals are between:
Dennis Swan vs Keith Aitchison; Robin Stanley vs Eoin Pope.
The 18-hole final will be played next Wednesday - March 20th.
The semi final weekend of our Club Champs was abandoned due to the heavy rain which flooded many of the greens during play.  The semi finals will now be done and dusted by next Saturday, with the final due to be played on March 23rd.
In the Open Grade Rakesh Patel has reached the final having defeated Daniel Freeman on the 22nd hole last Friday.  Rakesh will play either Nathan Smith or Robby Turnbull who battle it out this weekend.  The Intermediate semi finals are between - Steve Callinan vs Chris Hanley; Darren Soo vs Ty Ngo.  Michael Wright has reached the final having beaten Dene McKay last week, and he will play either Bruce Renshaw or Tada Wada in the final.  The C Grade semis will also be re-started with Paul Hurtley vs Mike Hyams; and John Tutt vs David Hartstone.  In the D Grade it's Michael Egan vs John Childerhouse, and Clive Walker vs Derek Adam.
After the Match Play Finals we have the first round of the Booth Cup, followed by the Presidents Foursomes.