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Saturday Scramble - April 13th

Topic: Mens Golf

We re-open the course tomorrow after coring week.  It was a big core in the maintenance programme so the greens have large holes and will be heavily sanded.
The scramble tomorrow will be a mixed tee scramble - 6 holes from blue tees; 6 from white and 6 from yellow.  As this is not a measured-course any cards entered in the scramble will NOT be eligible for handicapping.  This will allow golfers to play without any concern about putting on heavily cored green.
The scramble is $3 for stableford and $2 for twos.  Jackpot and Net Eagles will not be in play tomorrow.
The following bunkers will also be out of play as part of the bunker project currently underway:
1st Hole - all of them.
3rd Hole - all of them.
6th Hole - bunker in front of the green only.  2 small bunkers have been removed.
16th Hole - all of them.
17th Hole - all of them. 
18th Hole - those to the left of the green and on the fairway.