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Course Update

Topic: Course News

Course Update - 30 April 2019


The bunker project is now nearing completion with only two bunkers (16 greenside and 1 fairway bunkers) left to spray with the Better Billy Bunker polymer as mentioned in previous updates. These bunkers along with other don not have sand in yet or the sand is still being installed are still G.U.R. During the installation of the new sand we are doing our best to get it compacted and ‘settled’ as soon as possible but they will be soft for some time to come. It will take a month or two for them to settle and become firmer, especially if we get more rain which will help. On a side note we do ask that players do not play from some of the newly seeded (now G.U.R.) around and near some of the bunkers please.


Due to having beautiful summer weather the population of Wasps has exploded all around the country and even here on our course. The Wasps in the tree near the bridge between Hole 7 and 8 have been particularly stubborn. We have removed 3 big nests, we have poisoned them and sprayed them, but they keep returning. Luckily now it seems the food sources in that tree (Aphids which were producing honeydew which the Wasps love) has now reduced and the Wasps have moved on. Unfortunately they are now swarming in other parts of the course and around the trees between the clubhouse and driving range. Should you have been at the club over the last few days you will have noticed that we have installed dozens of Wasp traps all around the course in an effort to reduce the population as well as killing off any nests we find. These will stay in place for the foreseeable future and hopefully all the work we have put in to control the Wasps will pay off. It is important to note that we have been making use of professionals in this field for a number of months now.

Golf Cart GPS and Geo Fencing

We are very excited to announce that we have fitted many in our of our fleet of golf carts with GPS. This makes golf using a golf cart more enjoyable as it gives accurate distances and information about the course. They also come with a feature called Geo Fencing which allows us to restrict golf cart usage in certain areas of the golf course that need to be protected. As a general rule of thumb one would not be able to drive within 10m of greens, close or on to tees and other dangerous or areas that we would like to keep vehicle traffic out of. The great benefit of this is to help maintain and protect the course but now we will be able to allow these golf carts out in wetter ground conditions. You would be able to enjoy a game of golf with a cart while avoiding damaging the course in really soft, wet or slippery areas as the cart will not allow you to enter these areas. Should you be making use of these carts please obey the rules that have been posed in these carts for some time now and the signage on the course. With this technology we are really hoping to be able to allow more golf carts to be used in winter more frequently. This is fantastic news for those who really need a golf cart in order to be able to play golf through winter. Please take a look at this great video from the USGA on golf cart usage and rules:

Kind Regards

Spencer and the ‘Greenies’