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Waiatarua Trophy

Topic: Mens Golf
Saturday morning the course was closed due to a very heavy fog but opened just before the afternoon field got started for the final round of the Waiatarua Trophy.  The first round leaders were Michael Wright/Wayne Hirt and Len Baker/Peter Lake on 76pts. Michael and Wayne maintained their form to post 73pts in the second round to finish on 149pts.  They finished just 1pt ahead of Clive Walker/Mark Morphy (74,74) 148 and the very fast finishing Michael Collins/Thai Leng on 147pts.  Michael Collins posted 42pts and Thai Leng shot a gross 67 (43pts) to put up an incredible 85pts in this round.  Unfortunately 62pts in the first round was the difference between winning and finishing 3rd.
The winners of the individual rounds (not in the top 3 overall) were - Len Baker/Peter Lake (76pts) and Tada Wada/Ron Lunken (77pts).
This Saturday is the Winter Cup Qualifying - net medal.  The top 16 net medal scores go into the Round of 16 matchplay the following week.