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Course update

Topic: Course News

What a difference a week makes. Suddenly Autumn/Winter has made its presence felt and your team of friendly ‘Greenies’ and Dad’s Army are hard at work cleaning up after the storm. Luckily there has not been too much damage and the result is mostly just fallen leaves littering the course.


The last two bunkers have been treated with the Better Billy Bunker polymer glue and now the process of putting sand in the remaining bunkers is under way. All bunkers except for the fairway bunkers on 1 and 18 should be back in play by the weekend. We recorded 19mm rain on Sunday and all the new bunkers performed very nicely. It will still be a little while though before the newly installed sand in the bunkers becomes firmer and reaches full playability.


The Verti-Draining of the fairways is now complete and ready for the winter ahead.

Jordan Rowe – new ‘greenie’ team member

Some of you might have noticed a new face out on the golf course over the last few weeks. We would like to welcome Jordan to the Remuera team and hope we can all make him feel right at home. After finishing school at Auckland Grammar in 2011, Jordan has worked predominantly on golf courses such as Maungakiekie Golf Club and Royal Auckland where he has built up a great deal of experience and skills. He is currently busy with his level 4 Sports Turf Management certificate and in his spare time he enjoys watching and playing football, watching Australian Rugby League, keeping fit and ‘shooting the breeze’ with his work mates! Jordan is very familiar with our course and volunteered to prepare the course for the 2015 NZ PGA Championships. Welcome Jordan!

In closing we would like to continue to build a strong relationship between members and our staff. The team is out on the course every day working hard to make the course beautiful and fun to play under diffecult circumstances sometimes. As we know the course has been exceptionally busy of late and it can be tricky maintaining the golf course without getting in the way, but we do train the team to be courteous and contentious towards golfers while trying to avoid distraction. We encourage you to show your support for the team and please keep in mind that the course staff

have the right of way on the golf course. Here is an interesting video which offers some good pointers: