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Women's 18 Hole Update

Topic: Womens Golf

18 Hole Women’s Weekly News – Tuesday 21 May 2019

As we have less happening over the next three months, we will change to a Monthly summary of upcoming competitions. This, like the weekly newsletters, can be accessed anytime on the Remuera Website.


Well done to our Betty Faesen team who played their last round on Sunday and won the overall competition. They started the day one point behind the leaders and one point ahead of their opposition (RAGGC who were lying third) and a half was enough to secure the win.


The weekend women played the fourth round of the LGU on Saturday. The fourth round winners are: Silver – Maureen Kirkland-Smith (net 70); Bronze 1 – Joyce Tuivakano (72); Bronze 2 – Rosemary Hurdley (72); Bronze 3 – Geraldine Swann (69).

Last Tuesday there were three twos – Eva Huang, Diane Rackham and Carol White.

Last Thursday scramble winners were: Silver/Bronze1 – Lyn Kempthorne (32 points) Sun Park (32); Bronze 2/3 – Shirley Ip (34) Margaret Hancox (31) Diane Bailey (27). There were two twos – Helen Brewster and Judy Kwok.

Your winnings have been credited to your house account, which you can see on the Remuera website under Membership/My Account.

Autumn Handicap Finals (Thursday 23 May)

There will be a prize giving at the end of the competition, which will also include the latest winners of the LGU rounds.

Irish Stableford Scramble (Tuesday 28 May)

There will be a $1 scramble, and the scoring will be Irish Stableford. In Irish Stableford on holes 1 to 6 scoring is as for normal stableford, on holes 7 to 12 your stableford points are multiplied by 2, and on holes 13 to 18 your stableford points are multiplied by 3. DotGolf can do the calculations.

Top Cat (Thursday 30 May)

The Top Cat labelled tee-times are for those playing Top Cat with a partner.

If you are not playing Top Cat or are playing Top Cat without your partner, please book in one of the tee-times that is labelled 18H W.

Teams Day (Thursday 6 June)

It’s time to start thinking about getting your team together for our next Teams Day. This time it will be a four-person Ambrose. Booking will be direct on DotGolf, so if you are not in a pre-arranged team you can simply book and let the team form itself.

Masters Trophy – second round by 30 June

The second round of the Masters’ match play is now underway. These matches are to be played by 30 June. Tuesday 28 May is a stableford scramble, so could be a good day to schedule your matches.

Upcoming Competitions Entry/Booking Summary

Thurs 23 May

Autumn Handicap – finals



Tues 28 May

Irish stableford scramble

Book on DotGolf

Thurs 30 May

Top Cat

Book on DotGolf in the “Top Cat” labelled slots.

Tues 4 June

Stableford $1 scramble

Book on DotGolf

Thurs 6 June

Teams Day (Ambrose)

Book on DotGolf