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Women's Golf Update

Topic: Womens Golf

18 Hole Women - Competitions June 2019

As we have less happening over the next three months, we will change to a Monthly summary of upcoming competitions. This, like the weekly newsletters, can be accessed anytime on the Remuera Website.

Stableford Scramble (Tuesday 4 June)

$1 stableford scramble, in two divisions – Silver/Bronze 1 and Bronze 2/3.

Teams Day (Thursday 6 June)

A four-person Ambrose. Booking will be direct on DotGolf, so if you are not in a pre-arranged team you can simply book and let the team form itself.

Winter Cup (Tuesday 11, 18 & 25, Thursday 20 June)

This year the Winter Cup is going to be a stroke play competition. It will be played over four rounds, but you do not have to play all rounds. The players with the top eight scores in each round will be awarded points and the winner is the player with the most points. The rounds on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th are both stableford. Tuesday 11th is net and is played in conjunction with the LGU, and Tuesday 25th is Par and played in conjunction with the first round of the Coronation Cup.

LGU (Tuesday 11 June)

Please book in tee-times labelled for your handicap range. Please consider your fellow women members, if you fail to book in the correct tee-slot you are taking tee-times away from them. There are tee-times at the start and end of the field that are labelled 18H W, for those of you who do not want to play in the competition or who need to start early or late.

Coronation Cup (Tuesday 25 June)

For those who don’t know this is a four-round competition, and the best three of four scores wins the competition. The four rounds are scheduled for 25 June, 9 July, 6 August and 17 September. This competition uses par scoring – see page 19 of your Programme Book, or Section 13 of the General Terms of Competition (in the Locker Room and on the Remuera website).

Stableford Scramble (Thursday 13, 20 and 27 June)

$1 stableford scramble, in two divisions – Silver/Bronze 1 and Bronze 2/3.

Masters Trophy – second round by 30 June

The second round of the Masters’ match play is now underway. These matches are to be played by 30 June. Tuesday 28 May is a stableford scramble, so could be a good day to schedule your matches.

Upcoming Competitions Entry/Booking Summary

Tues 4 June

$1 stableford scramble

Book on DotGolf

Tues 6 June

Teams Day (Ambrose)

Book on DotGolf

Tues 11 June

LGU & Putting, rd 5 Winter Cup, rd 1

Book on DotGolf in the tee-slot for your handicap index

Thurs 13 June

Stableford scramble

(Pennants & Caddies Day postponed)

Book on DotGolf

Tues 18 June

Winter Cup, rd 2

Book on DotGolf

Thurs 20 June

Winter Cup, rd 3

Book on DotGolf

Tues 25 June

Coronation Cup, rd 1

Winter Cup, rd 4

Book on DotGolf

Thurs 27 June

Stableford scramble

Book on DotGolf