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Winter Cup & Battle of the Bridge

Topic: Mens Golf
The Winter Cup Final will be between Keith Aitchison and Warren Bygrave this coming Saturday.  Keith beat Paul Hurtley, while Warren accounted for Barry Hall to make the final.  
On Sunday Auckland battled North Harbour for the Battle of the Bridge.  Each team had 8 Juniors, 8 Masters and 10 Seniors in their team.  The Juniors won 7.5-0.5, the Masters 5-3 and the Seniors 6.5-3.5 for a comprehensive win overall.
Our players had very good days overall - Daniel Freeman (5/4), Robby Turnbull (1up) in the Juniors; Thai Leng (4/3), Dell Bain (4/2) and Scott Robertson (1down) in the Masters; while in the Seniors - Connor Barker (5/3), Cameron Harlock (half), Matthew Cormack (7/6) and Rakesh Patel (lost 3/2).  Nathan Smith had been picked to play for the Juniors but was forced to withdrew not having recovered sufficiently from his arm injury.  Congratulations, guys on a great win for Auckland.