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Junior Club Champs and Junior Triangular

Topic: Juniors
The Quarter Finals of the Junior Club Champs were played on Saturday.  In the Open Grade Grace Jung defeated Sarah Murchison, and Daniel Mar beat Rebekah Blackwell-Chin in a great match.  Kelly Wu won by default over Mary Chen, and Karl Jorgensen will play Chloe Lam in their match on Thursday afternoon.
In the Handicap grade the winners were Jackie Jang (over Jaydon Chai), Gary Yuan (over Yuri Lee), Cherie Young (over Lachlan Fletcher) and Hannah Murchison (over Ishaan Shah).  So Jackie vs Gary and Cherie vs Hannah in the semi finals.
There is no Youth Pennants competition this year so we have organised some matches against other clubs.  On Sunday one team played Royal Auckland/Grange and the other team played Titirangi.  Overall we recorded 6 wins and 2 halves - so no one was beaten.  Well done - Rebekah Blackwell-Chin, Karl Jorgensen, William Kelly, Astin Palenski, Eamon Wairepo, Ishaan Shah, Gary Yuan and Lachlan Fletcher.  Next week the teams are playing at Titirangi, and the week after that at Royal Auckland/Grange.