Over the next two days the Yellow tee markers will be being changed to Green tee markers.  From Wednesday July 3rd the Yellow course will be re-named the Green course. 
On Wednesday the Men's scramble will be a Green course scramble (including the St Andrews Village Eclectic) 

Our aim has been to have more members playing more golf and to also enjoy their golf while they are out on the course. As a result, members will soon have a wider choice of tees to choose from. Blue, White, Green and Red.

The new green tees will be introduced on Wednesday 3 July. These tees are for all members (juniors, men, women, seniors etc)

The Match Committee has also worked with the Course Committee to establish a Red Tee Course.  The tees for this course have been identified and the measurements completed.  We have requested a visit from the NZ Golf Course Raters and this will be completed as soon as possible.  The Red course will be rated for men and women and is designed for those new to golf (juniors and seniors), or those simply wanting to play a shortened course in the depths of winter. 

Red Course - Front 9 - 2,120m  (Green - 2,534m; White - 2,787m)
Red Course - Back 9 - 2,365m (Green - 2,750m; White - 3,123m)
Total - 4,485m (Green - 5,284m; White 5,910m)