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US Golf Scholarships - Connor & Cameron

Topic: Mens Golf
Connor Barker and Cameron Harlock are off to America on Golf Scholarships in August.  Connor is enrolled at Winthrop University in South Carolina, while Cameron is going to North Texas University in Denton (just north of Fort Worth & Dallas).
On Saturday we held some fund raising activities - a BBQ (food provided by Cameron's parents) and a contest on the 8th hole where members challenged them to get nearer the pin.  On behalf of the boys and the club we would like to thank the members for their generosity.  With your support we raised $1,500 for each of the boys which will be deposited into their trust accounts with NZ Golf.  Connor and Cameron will then be able to draw down from these funds to help with their expenses over the next few weeks.
We look forward to hearing from them both about their experiences at college in American and how they go on the college golf circuit.