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Auckland vs Wellington in Taupo

Topic: General
The annual Auckland vs Wellington fixture was held at Taupo Golf Club over the weekend.  Remuera was very well represented - Matthew Cormack and Rakesh Patel in the Men's team, Grace Jung and Kelly Wu in the Women's team and Robby Turnbull in the Junior team.
Matthew Cormack had a loss in the foursomes (with Archie Gothard from RAGGC), but won both his singles matches.  Rakesh also lost in the foursomes (playing with Stephen Liu from Pakuranga).  He lost his first singles match narrowly and then won his second match.  Overall the Men won 12-8.
In the Women's team - Grace lost her foursomes match and won one and lost one in the singles; Kelly had good wins in all her matches and was a key contributor to the overall win by 12-3.
Robby and Joshua Bai (Akarana) lost their foursomes match.  Robby then halved his first singles match and narrowly lost the second match.  Overall the Juniors also won 9-6 to record a clean-sweep over Wellington.
Congratulations eveyone, it's been some time since Auckland won all the grades at Taupo!