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Men's Competition Update - October

Topic: Mens Golf
The Captains Prize (Saturday) and Mid Week Presidents Prize (Wednesday) are in full swing in October. 
This Wednesday is the Round of 16 in the Mid Week Presidents Prize - this is a pairs combined net match play event.  The match ups are:
Bryan Davies/John Lacey vs Colin Smith/Barry Hall
John Johnson/Murray Wallace vs Allan McSkimming/Andy Horsfall
Mike Hyams/Ian Braddock vs George York/Steve Dick
Keith Aitchison/Warwick Lewis vs Peter McCormack/James Peoples
Ron Reed/Alan McDougall vs Rod McNeill/John Tutt
Bobby Schoonraad/John Sims vs Colin McGowan/Murray Hieatt
Tada Wada/Dan Kearney vs Ivan Letica/Brooke HIbberdine
Dennis Simpson/Cameron Fyfe vs Rollo Gillespie/Jim Holmes.
On Saturday the Captains Prize is at the Quarter finals stage:
Greg Scott vs Brooke Hibberdine
Nick Lovegrove vs Colin McGowan
John Sims vs Wayne Scholtz
Barry Hall vs Bobby Schoonraad.