Greetings from the 'Greenies'.

Despite a very wet and stormy start to last week where we experienced some flooding (63mm in 24 hours), the course is drying out nicely and preparations are going well for next week and the summer ahead.

It was very pleasing to see that all the newly renovated bunkers came through the storm very well and all the new drainage worked beautifully. We have been experiencing some relatively minor fungal disease outbreaks on the greens (Helminthosporium/Red Leaf Spot) on the greens due to the wet and warmer weather which is normal for this time of the year but we have managed to keep it under control with a fairly aggressive fungicide treatment program. The only real down side to this type of Fungal disease is that it causes the greens to lose their colour to some extent. This should be easily remedied the next time we can spray the greens with Iron and other trace elements which makes them 'green up' rapidly. Obviously we can only spray the greens when the weather allows and the wind is not too strong. Unfortunately is has been very windy of late so opportunities to spray have been very limited.

The areas of rough on holes 12,14 and 16 where we have controlled the Kikuyu have been seeded multiple times over late winter and early spring and are now starting to germinate and grow with the warmer spring weather. We fertilized all these newly seeded areas last week to encourage this new growth.

Apart from this, most of our focus now is regaining green speeds after our recent coring of the greens and mowing and manicuring the course along with some detailing jobs such as checking sand depths in bunkers, fixing and edging paths etc. It is pleasing to see that all our work done to control the stubborn Daisies and Kikuyu seems to be working nicely and the fairways etc. are relatively free of weeds compared to the past.

The team and I are really looking forward to the next few weeks and the summer ahead. Lots of great events and an action packed calendar to look forward to.


Spencer and the Greenkeeping Team