The Men's Golf programme is underway in 2020.  The Summer Cup is a stableford event over 5 rounds with the best 3 counting.  After 2 rounds the lead is shared by Christie Xavier & Rollo Gillespie (72pts), with Bruce Renshaw & Larry Sewell on 70pts.
At this stage 44 players have played both rounds, and another 35 have played one of the two rounds.  The next round is on Saturday (18th). 
The Scottish Cup will be held on Saturday 25th (in conjunction with the Summer Cup 4th Round).  It is a shot gun start at 12.30pm - the entry sheet is in the Golf Shop.  $10 covers the scramble, Scottish Cup and haggis.
Men's Pennants gets underway on the weekend of February 1/2.  We have 5 teams as per 2019 - Bissett Shield plus 2 off-the-stick teams (used to be called Presidents & Vice Presidents), plus 2 teams on handicap.  The selector/managers are - Bissett Shield & "Presidents" (Rakesh Patel, James Eng & John Sims); "Vice-Presidents (Michael Maingay); Handicap teams (Igor Ivanov, Mike Hyams & Paul Hurtley).  If anyone wants to play at any level please contact one of these managers/selectors.
This year the Pennant competition is played between early February and early March.  Each team plays in a conference of 4 clubs - 3 games at home and 3 away.  The draw for each team will be posted in the Men's Locker Room.