The penultimate round of the Summer Cup was played on Saturday (in conjunction with the Scottish Cup).  With the final round this coming Saturday we have new leaders - Brett Innes and Rollo Gillespie couldn't improve their scores but Stephen Bryers, Keith Aitchison, Roger Hudson and Bruce Renshaw certainly did.
Stephen's 43 pts gives him 118pts (best 3), and he is now 4pts clear of Keith Aitchison and Roger Hudson.  They are also 4pts further ahead of Bruce Renshaw (110pts), with Brett Innes, Rollo Gillespie & Brett Winstanley (108pts).
A total of 57 players have now completed the minimum 3 rounds to count, while another 23 players only have to complete the final round to also meet this criteria. 
On Saturday February 8th we begin the Qualifying for Match Play Club Champs.  We have 2 qualifying rounds - February 8 & 15, and then move straight into the Match Play rounds from February 22nd.  Entry is on our website -