The first round of qualifying for Match Play Club Championships was played on Saturday.  In the Open Grade Daniel Freeman (75) leads by 1 from Matthew Cormack, and further 1 back to James Eng.  The Intermediate division is led by Nick Lovegrove (77), from Steve Callinan and John Johnson.  Both of these divisions are keenly contested with a number of players clustered around the cut mark of top 16.
The Junior division only has 16 entries, so all players will qualify.  It is currently led by Glen Larsen (79), 6 shots clear of Tada Wada and Mark Morphy.  The C Grade only has 14 players so the top 2 spots will have byes in the first round.  They are currently Brett Morpeth and Ken Taylor, with John Tutt, Peter Kusabs and Ron Lunken in the mix too.  The D Grade sees Dennis Swan and Fergie Sumich tied for the lead on 94, and Andy Horsfall on 96.  With 11 players in this division the top 5 players will have byes in the first round.
The final qualifying round will be played this Saturday, and Match Play begins on February 22nd.