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Hole 1
A player makes a practice swing and accidentally moves her ball in play on the fairway with her club. What is the
A)There is no penalty and the player must replace the ball
B)The player gets one penalty stroke and must play the ball as it lies
C)The player gets one penalty stoke and must replace the ball
Hole 2
A player may remove a half-eaten apple from a bunker when it is lying next to his ball in the bunker, without penalty.

Hole 3
If it is 75% certain that a ball that has not been found is in a penalty area, a player may take back-on-the-line
relief from the penalty area under penalty of one stroke.
Hole 4
In stroke play, when playing out of a bad lie, a player accidentally hits the ball a second time on her follow
through. What is the ruling.
A)The double hit counts as only one stroke and there is no penalty
B)The double hit counts as two shots but there is no additional penalty
C)The double hit counts as one shot and the player gets an additional one stroke penalty
Hole 5
The nearest outside points at ground level of the boundary stakes define out of bounds.
Hole 6
In stroke play, player A concedes player B’s short putt and knocks the ball away. Player B lifts his ball and plays from the next tee. What is the ruling?
A)Player B is disqualified
B)Player B gets a penalty of two strokes
C)Player A and player B both get a penalty of two strokes
Hole 7
The nearest point of complete relief is the reference point for taking lateral relief under the unplayable ball rule.
Hole 8
In stroke play, a player hits a shot in a bunker and his ball rebounds off the face of the bunker. The player does not
have time to get out of the way and ball hits his body. The player must play the ball as it lies, but what is the penalty?
A)There is no penalty
B)The player gets one penalty stroke
C)The player gets two penalty strokes
Hole 9
When the edge of ground under repair is defined by a line on the ground, the line itself is in the ground under repair.