The Remuera Plate began on Saturday in spring conditions.  This is a teams event with the best 3 stableford scores counting on each hole.  The team of Duncan Shand, Murray Hieatt, Warren Bygrave and Bernie Edgtton set up a good lead on 128pts.  3pts behind them (125) is Barry Hall, Colin Smith, Geoff Hamilton and Nick Lovegrove.
The field is fairly densely packed after the leading two teams - there are 8 teams within 3pts of each other:
Brett Winstanley, Greg Kenward, Chris Reid & Derek Finnigan (123pts)
Wayne Hirt, Rod MacNeil, Dene McKay and Roger Hudson (122pts)
John Rainger, Brooke Hibberdine, Dick Knight & Rob Briscoe (121pts)
Christie Xavier, Ron Lunken, Maurice Kidd & John Hill (121pts)
Bobby Schoonraad, Peter Lake, Ian Braddock & Wayne Scholtz (121pts)
Igor & Alex Ivanov, David Pedersen & David Evans (121pts)
Mike Hyams, Steve Eddy, Mark Morphy & John Sims (120pts)
Ewen Miln, Andy Horsfall, Keith Aitchison & Ross Valentine (120pts)
There are prizes for the top 3, plus a 1st and 2nd round winner - under the rule of 1 prize per team.
The Remuera Plate will conclude on Saturday and be followed by the Captains Prize Qualifying and Booth Cup Rd#3 on Saturday September 19th.