Wednesday saw the conclusion of the Mid Week Eclectic competition.  As for Saturday, the rule is one-player, one-prize being of the higher value for either Gross or Half Net.  Half Net is the gross score less half the handicap on the final day of the competition.
The Gross winners were Peter McCormack, Ian Braddock, Roger Hudson, Barry Hall, Karl Jorgensen, Rob Briscoe, Rod Downs, Jeff Huston, John Sims and David Winstone.
The Half Net winners were Rob Eng, Bruce Aitken, Erik Jorgensen, Ivan Letica, Murray Wells, Dennis Simpson, Igor Ivanov, Larry Sewell and Chris Thompson.
Congratulations to everyone.  The full results are posted in the Men's Locker Room.  The 2021 Eclectic competitions will re-start in mid January.